Recruitment Terms


The acceptance of Crew introduced by YotHop Ltd (Yachtly Crew) will be deemed as acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of business. These terms are legally binding.


The Client agrees to engage the services of Yachtly Crew to supply qualified Candidates to be considered for employment. The Client is responsible for notifying Yachtly Crew within 24 hours if Candidates, submitted by Yachtly Crew, has already been introduced by another source. The fee for services rendered is due and payable if the Client employs a Yachtly Crew Candidate within twelve (12) months from introduction. Placement fees are as follows:

  1. Permanent (over 180 days): The fee due is equal to one months salary, billed once the crew member is employed
  2. Seasonal (90 – 180 days): The fee due is equal to 60% of one months salary, billed once the crew member is employed
  3. Temporary (1-90 days): 20% of the total earnings, billed on first day of employment. LIABILITY & EXPENSES
. Yachtly Crew is not responsible, under any circumstances, for monetary loss incurred by the Client regarding the placement of a Candidate. The yacht is responsible for repatriation of the Candidate(s), unless other arrangements have been agreed upon between the employer and the Candidate. Candidates are hired at-will by the Client. Services provided by Yachtly Crew are free for crew members.

*Yachtly Crew and its agents will dedicate time and resources into finding you the perfect crew member in the shortest time possible. This may take some time on our part to find and engage, conduct necessary reference checks and interview. In good faith we will conduct our work without charge but in the unlikely event that the crew member does not work out for any reason post both parties accepting the appointment. Yachtly Crew reserve the right to retain 20% of the fee above to cover time and expenses.

Yachtly Crew’s  payment must be paid in full within 30 days or 10% will be added to the invoice per month late.


In the event that the hiring of a permanent Candidate is unsuccessful during the first ninety (90) days of employment, Yachtly Crew will offer a replacement Candidate if:

  1. Yachtly Crew is advised within twenty-four (24) hours of termination or resignation.
  2. Working conditions are normal and there has been no change of Captain, yacht Ownership, or job description. 
Yachtly Crew promotes safe working conditions for all Crew members and can terminate this warranty should the yacht 
and/or the working conditions be deemed unsafe.

Replacement Candidates will carry a thirty (30) day warranty period beginning from their start date. In the event that Yachtly Crew is unable or unsuccessful in supplying a replacement Candidate, a credit will be extended towards future placements for up twelve (12) months. If the Client chooses to engage the services of a replacement Candidate through another source the credit will be void.

 Yachtly Crew vets all registered Candidates by conducting interviews, reference verifications, and ensures that Candidates certificates are valid and up-to-date. Yachtly Crew does not perform Background Checks, but can do so for an additional fee.

PAYMENTS. Payments are to be made in full to YotHop Ltd (Yachtly Crew) within 30 days of employment. We accept wire transfers and cheques.

We are able to accept Credit Cards although there will be a supplementary 2.5% to cover processing charges by the provider.

By signing  the Yachtly Crew Client Fee Agreement when requesting recruitment, you are confirming that you have carefully read and agree with these terms.