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Yacht Crew Recruitment

Our recruiters are all ex industry and pay attention to the details. We’ll send relevant candidates and make recruitment less of a chore.

Jobs Board

Our Jobs Board is unique in that we have job listings from a number of agencies and directly from boats and captains themselves. It’s easy to apply with your uploaded CV or your Online Resume profile.

Yachtly Crew Jobs Board

Social Profile and Professional

Yachtly Crew is a Social and Professional Network!

Social Profile

Your social profile adds your basic information and links to your other online presence. It’s the fun side to Yachtly Crew.

Professional Profile

If you’re applying for Jobs, want to be found by employers, then add an online resume. Its can be as simple as uploading your CV or complete your details so that Employers can filter and find you.

Day Workers Online

With it increasingly hard to travel and to walk the docks. Adding yourself to the Day Work Map is the easiest way to be present without feet on the ground!

We promote the Day Work Map to local captains and push entries to our Social Media channels.

Knowledge Base, Resources and Downloads

We’re building a substantial Knowledge Base of documents and learning aids to help you on your career path and day to day tasks while onboard.

Collaborative Business Directory

Our Completely FREE and substantial Business Directory relies on the input from Business Owners but also from Yacht Crew.

Business Owners – Add your Business or claim an existing listing.

Yacht Crew – If you’ve spent time researching local businesses for example ‘On Island Provisioning’ Why not share with fellow crew by adding to the directory.

We also have Software As a Service solutions for helping business owners connect with Yacht Crew – See our Premium Model.

Yacht Search

Yacht Search began as a proof point, a kind of extra that could be linked to from our users experience lists on their resumes. Similar to Linkedin boat pages were automatically created from user input.

We now have thousands of boats listed and a steady flow of search traffic. We’ve been working with boats to make the pages look cool and provide links to what they need, a bit like a flashy Link Tree. 

Yachtly Crew Yacht Search
The only Yacht Database where you can look up Historic and Current crew on a boat! 
Granite BPO

Financial Solutions

Combined with granite bro and our foreign exchange partner we provide crew with our pioneering Salary Solutions to help them receive their salary in their native currency.

We can even handle entire boat payroll. Simplifying accounting, increasing crews borrowing potential and beating bank exchange rates for crew to receive their money.

The easiest way to give your crew a pay rise!

What's Inside?

Yachtly Crew (YotHop) was built by yachties to provide a self help Airbnb style approach to recruitment. Yes! we do recruitment now, we had to pay the bills, but the ethos still stands. We provide an open to all platform  helping crew with free tools to promote themselves and accelerate their careers. Helping Captains and Boats find crew with a free free recruitment platform .

Help Spread the Word!

For Crew

We have a number of agencies and boats posting regularly to the jobs board so there’s plenty to choose from, and on some of the best boats in the industry.

Accordion Content

Yachtly Crew is a Social and Career Network! You can join if you’re on the job hunt OR if you just want to connect and share.

Anyone can add locations to the map. Sharing local knowledge with others to help them find what they need on land and on the water.

Just like Facebook Groups but more! Zoom meetings, organised / searchable discussions and best of all a reporting mechanism to keep away the trolls.

Create your network of friends on Yachtly Crew and see who others are connected to to broaden your connections 

Instant Message your connections directly in the website with emoticons and all the good stuff!

For Employers

Copy and Paste into 5 simple field sea Submit, thats’s it! You can come back later and add more details …but you don’t have to.

Like Facebook! Like Linkedin! All posts appear in an activity stream so crew don’t have to go hunting for your content. You can post activity updates too, to the main stream, your profile or in groups.

Applications are sent to your inbox with cover letter and attachment so you can check on the move.

Applications are stored in a convenient dashboard with some great tools for management. Edit jobs, Add notes, rate an application and view the candidates online profile.

We actively encourage crew to fill in their profiles so they can be found by you. We give you a set of standard filters to narrow down your search …more if you become a Premium Member!

Our Yacht Search is a unique tool that allows you to look up boats that have been entered by crew on the system. Those who have added a yacht in their experience will appear in Historic Crew with crew also able to set their Current Boat.

You can add a company page to our Locations. With company information, links to your website and social platforms for Link Building

For Business

Like Facebook! Like Linkedin! All posts appear in an activity stream so crew don’t have to go hunting for your content. You can post activity updates too, to the main stream, your profile or in groups.

You can add a company page to our Locations. With company information, links to your website and social platforms for Link Building

Exactly what it says on the tin! You can add events and courses for our calendar to keep crew informed with all the info.

We are a Content driven community and while we strive to bring a platform free from advertising, we’re not against a little promotion in content like any other social platform.

We all know, people buy from who they know! Join groups and start up conversations with crew, offer advice and build trust.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could look up the crew who’s just pulled into the harbour and maybe offer them 20% off their lunch or first round? …now you can!

Meet The Team

Glenn Ward

Glenn Ward - Managing Director

Glenn started out in watersports and yachting before a career in digital marketing strategy. He helped build the initial dream of an open networking platform for crew.

Jodie Richards

Jodie Richards - Owner / Head Hunter

Jodie pioneered the Yachtly Crew (YotHop) concept and made it what it is today. She has worked a lifetime on Superyachts and brings this experience to tailored head hunting.

Will Morrison

Will Morrison - Developer

Will is an experienced developer and brings his knowledge of working for the likes of Reed to help us build a platform that helps build careers.

Joel Etoe

Joel Etoe - Finance Director

Joel has spent decades working for and owning payroll companies. He looks after the companies finance and is also here to help you with our Salary Solutions service.

Carmela Lupi

Carmela Lupi - Head Hunter

Carmela joined us in 2019 after a career as a Stewardess on some great sailing yachts! She has worked in hospitality recruitment and now brings all this to the party.

Iona Mackenzie

Iona Mackenzie - Head Hunter

Iona is an experienced superyacht chef who has come home to roost. Having worked on some amazing sailing yachts with her partner. Her knowledge of what’s needed on board is a great asset.

Robyn Whitman

Robyn Whitman - Head Hunter

Robyn has worked on soooo many boats! Comfortable both on deck and in the galley, Robyn is a great addition to the team and understands the employers needs.