Outnumbered and strong: What do women in this male dominated yachting industry REALLY think?

How do women in the male-dominated yacht industry view their work environment…is there equality? How do they feel about job-related education? What do they do for support overseas in legal, health, and community situations?
My answer…I don’t know! But wouldn’t it be amazing if we had some answers? Some options? Some community voice where we can get together and find out?
I designed this very basic survey to get a compass point for where the female end of the industry is at. Please answer as honestly as possible and share with women in yachting you may know. This is anonymous and soley for research to shed light on a minority point of view that is so very important to this exciting and promising industry. I hope we can create some new avenues and opportunities for women through this as well as some understanding on the effects of the industry on us. Your honesty is the most helpful contribution you can give. I will be publishing a blog about the results for all to see in the near future.

Please take the survey at this link below:

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