Dayworkers Officially Recognized as ‘People’

‘No more waiting indefinitely at the passerelle to have a word while the crew onboard look right past you, or worse zoom the camera in and pick apart your physical appearance. No more handing out carefully crafted CVs and cover letters to hungover-looking deckhands who won’t get a department head for you only to watch your papers get placed under a water bottle and forgotten about. No more being told you only get 30 minutes for lunch and the boat doesn’t provide it even though you’re 15 minutes walk from the shops and no one warned you to bring your own food. No more showing up for a full day’s work to be told it’s only going to be a couple of hours. No more giving us attitude as though its our fault you aren’t prepared and have no idea how to manage a team. I’ve run out of fingers. No more of that ridiculously attractive masseuse pretending I don’t exist. Well, possibly that, I suppose that’s not covered by this. But no more of us being treated like imbeciles by people who are crew because we aren’t yet, even though most of them were once where we are.’

Tim Tamb, Unofficial – and fictitious – Director of IAABDD (Informal Association of Adventurers, Backpackers, Dayworkers and Dockwalkers)

To read the rest of the report on the historic measure to recognize dayworkers as people, find it on The General Alarm.

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