Yacht Engineer Job Specification

The huge role of the engineer greatly varies vessel to vessel, but as a general rule they are expected to manage and maintain all systems onboard including but not limited to: Plumbing, Hydraulics, Electrical, Electronic, PLC and Mechanical engineering. To be able to do this a solid understanding of all areas and vessel lay out is key.

Managing and maintaining inventories and spares for routine and preventative maintenance and having regular stock checks is vital to being able to maintain the yachts systems safely and efficiently.

Having the understanding to a level and being able to repair systems given facilities and means is obvious but also knowing the limitations of the means available is also an important role,

The Engineer is expected to report defects that effect day to day and safety to the captain so if action to the program is required the captain is made aware at the earliest opportunity

There is also a substantial amount of admin involved in Managing budgets and maintenance programs often by means of a ‘Maintenance Management Program’.

Engineers that are looking to improve the functionality, safety and efficiency of the vessel and not just do the minimum are a sort after commodity!


  • MCA Approved Engine Course (AEC)
  • STCW