Yacht Managers : More valuable/relevant than ever!

As our economic future hangs in the balance of article 50, there has never been a more vital time to access specialist advice. Pelagos Yachts’ Managing Director Declan O’Sullivan discusses why recent changes and connecting with the right advice, can be a benefit not a threat!

Declan’s involvement in the Superyacht industry stems to the time of its inception. He has witnessed its growth over the years and as external forces impact, their influence filters resulting in ever evolving management structures. He notes the current focus among Owners around controlling a yacht’s CAPEX more efficiently thus avoiding unnecessary costs, allowing owners to maximise charter fees in what he describes as ‘thin charter conditions.’ This allows Owners the freedom to enjoy the dream of ownership, whilst maximising personal usage.

However, Declan adds, “increasingly, Owners need solutions that help manage their assets, not just the technical aspect.”

Declan’s vision centres on maintaining a pleasurable yachting experience which can all too easily wane with the wrong advice. “Since Pelagos began trading in 2003, we have led with a holistic, client focussed approach. We get to the heart of what matters to them, we understand their problems better and can offer the right services to help clients manage the challenging environment they find themselves in.”

Whilst stressing the need to bed down regulatory changes, Declan reveals that this spurs Pelagos’ continued innovation, developing new specialist products and services to support Owners and the future of the Yachting industry. “Our approach is to grow our services organically and through time served, industry professionals ensuring our clients receive thorough and invaluable advice. Our team know the benefits and the pitfalls and are here to ensure hassle free sailing!”

“Innovation is key, there are always opportunities in yachting, whatever the market throws at us, the key is to stay ahead!”

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