Tenders and Toys. Are they ready for summer?

When it comes to tenders and toys during a busy season, they can either make or break a charter. When they work its all smiles, but when they break down its every crew’s nightmare. So what preparations can you make prior to and during a season to keep these things running smoothly?

Tenders and toys can often get left behind in a maintenance program. The mother ship takes priority and suddenly the toys can start collecting dust in the garage. Never less to say, this doesn’t occur in all yacht programs but I have seen my fair share of negligence of tenders and toys over the years as a superyacht engineer.

Here are seven ways you can better prepare your tenders and toys for the summer:

  • Start the season off with fresh oil. Perform a service on all tenders and toys including oil changes, all fuel filters, air filters and zinc anodes. Log all services in your planned maintenance system.
  • New anti-fouling. Take your tenders to the yard and apply a new anti-fouling paint and replace all anodes
  • Clean SW strainers and intake lines. Ensure outboard pickups are free of marine growth, check jet skii pick ups and also flush all SW lines with fresh water
  • Stock up on spare parts. Spare filters, spark plugs, anodes, fuses and lubricants are a must. Carry additional spare parts including starter motors, alternators and batteries.
  • Clean Fuel. Ensure your fuel tanks are clean! Everyone forgets about fuel tanks. A tender at times, can have fuel sit there for months and a sludge layer can form. This sludge can enter your fuel lines and clog your filters very quickly, starving your engine.
  • Protect electrical components including battery terminals with corrosion protection films.
  • Train your crew on how to use the tenders and toys properly. Don’t assume a crew member can use all the toys without training.
  • Right, so now we are all set for summer. Do we need to do anything else until the end of season? Absolutely. Preparation only gets you half way there.
  • Flush your SW lines after use. Jet skiis and outboards in particular.
  • Check your tender bilges and battery compartments daily for any signs of water ingress, corrosion or lubrication leaks. Don’t be afraid to re-apply corrosion protection film multiple times during the season
  • Check fluid levels daily and top up as necessary
  • Spray corrosion protection into the key ignition regularly. On one occasion we blew a starter motor because the key became stuck in the ignition position without the crew noticing.

These are just some helpful hints to better manage your tender and toys maintenance program. Its all hands on deck during a charter so it requires a joint effort from the deck and engineering department to keep these assets in good working order for the whole season.

Our planned maintenance system, Seahub, is a great tool for pre-season maintenance and inventory preparation. Import your tender and toys maintenance programs into Seahub and increase organisation and visibility into their condition. Visit www.seahub.com.au for more information or check us on Facebook here:


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